Saturday, 23 May 2009

Parsnips Peas and the Llamas of Ariss

Today was allotment day! As usual in Nrn Irn it was raining. Shock horror. We went down to our allotments and as you will be able to see there has been a lot of progres.. The parsnips could feed the five thousand. The runner beans are doing well. We have ONE PEA plant up. the slugs have battered the hell out of the courgettes so that bed was taken back to ground zero and replanted. We dug another bed. And planted salad veg. I had texted the octogenarian mother to let her know we were going there and she turned up just as we had finished everything!!!

Apparently her brother had rung. Her brother, my Uncle Tom, lives in Ariss just outside Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He has a large family. The Waltons are nothing on them. We went over for Christmas some time ago and there were 18 of us round the table. Children and animals have always been his thing. so he has hundreds of them. He used to keep turkeys, sheep, donkeys, goats adn chickens. That was in addition to the domestic animals. Now he just has llamas, a donkey and his domestic animals. his llamas are called "Solomon" and "Jenna". People actually travel to see them. Solomon could be featured on the llama equivalent of "Grumpy Old Men". If he doesnt like you, he spits on you. I would love to be able to do that! Wouldn't it be great if every time your boss (or anyone) annoyed you you could just spit at them! And a lot of people get spat on. People stop their cars to go and look at them. There are bus tours with old people who come specially to see the Llamas of Ariss! You can see them on google earth which is really impressive.

At one point there was an elderly couple who had driven out and had stopped the car. The man, who was was short and bald as the proverbial coote, spent a long time trying to take a rise out of Solomon. Auntie Bea and uncle tom were watching from a vantage point. Eventually Solomon got so pissed off he spat at him and Solomon's vast quantity of llama spit hit the top of yer man's bald head and covered it like a pancake. It then proceded to drip down on all sides. Uncle Tom and Auntie Bea were inconsolable with laughter....................Anyway now Solomon has a friend. There is a neighbour lady who has a collie dog that she walks past and Solomon and the collie are new best friends. They go past every morning and Solomon leans down and they nuzzle each other and the collie puts its paws round Solomon's neck! But the phone call meant that the octogenarian mother didnt arrive down until fairly late on. In fact we had finished.

Today we had a bit of extreme weather but dug and planted another plot! Only two more to go. And our spinach is looking as if it is going to be ready within the next couple of weeks.

Our allotments are right beside a local air field so we were also treated to an impromtu display by biplanes! Brill!!!

So there yare now.

And here is the summary:

Time spent: 2 hours
activity: replanting courgette bed, digging and planting another bed
cost of seeds: no idea it was ages ago
value of produce nil
wildlife viewed; 2 buzzards circling - lots of wee birds that were disturbed by them, a lark ascending
socialising; talked to neighbours on two sides complaining about slugs eating carrots and parsnips.

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