Friday, 25 December 2009


After our fab meal last night - thanks to the Head Gardener - we all woke up rather late but the Head Gardener had breakfast cooked! HUZZAH!!!!!!!!! Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Following this we opened our presents, of which more later, and then headed down via the octogenarian mother's house, to the Head Gardener's sister's house for Christmas dinner where we had a fab time altogether.

So here is the present count - most of it relates to the allotments!!

From the head gardener - FABBY camera bag! So no more sporting fabby camera (last year's present) round my neck and no more having to leave it dangling from a post while digging or superivising digging.

£75 gift voucher from octogenarian mother for fabby Pheasant Hill shop in comber to buy home-grown organic free range rare breed meat for festive occasions throughout the year - allotment produce to accompany these.

£50 voucher from Head Gardener's sister and brother in law for Walker's Seeds in Newtownards - enough to get all seeds necessary for planting for whole growing season apparently plus fab vegetarian book for cooking the produce!

£40 worth of vouchers from Head Gardener's Other Sister vouchers for Hillmount Nursery Centre. Can you see a trend here?

Cash (undisclosed as classified information) from Head Gardener's Mother.

And a fab meal and whole day generally. Even the drive down there is beautiful on a bright clear winter's day as they live at the bottom of the Ards Peninsula. And have horses! And it's great! And I was left in charge of the sherry! I was told to pour it out so I did without thinking that possibly the number of glasses in front of me (20) was three times more than the total number of adults (or for that matter people) in attendance. Still it added some feeling of style and sophistication that the glass was replaced instead of a top up. Also since I had driven home on the past three occasions I decided that it was time the Head Gardener took his turn even though he is just starting to have the cold/flu thing that I had last week. At the moment he is in bed with nightnurse, so to speak. Hopefully that will sort it out by tomorrow.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!!!!!!!

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