Monday, 19 July 2010


Haven't been down at the allotment recently due to doing too many plays. Just finished one in Portrush. The head gardener and the octogenarian mother both have been and things are coming along nicely! We have had runner beans off it. the head gardener is off to the states on Friday and I will be going out next week and in the meantime have to get my car window fixed. Don't ask. Three hours on Portrush West Strand waiting to be told that Autoglass won't either repair or replace and will charge me a sum of money that would make Bill Gates blush for just coming out and putting a piece of perspex on it. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask. That was why my car was to be found jammed up against the wall of Portrush Town Hall on Saturday night. Otherwise I would have had to play the part from the car and I don't think the audience would have been able to hear me from there! Mind you my car has a very effective anti-theft device - it is covered in dents courtesy mainly of the octogenarian mother's neighbours. Oh well nothing for it but to go to bed now!

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