Monday, 24 August 2009


Try saying that when you're drunk! Tonight the Head Gardener made potato and beetroot mash which looked amazing. It was bright purple! Brill.
Recipe to follow since he wants to make a few adjustments to it. Then the octogenarian mother rang and asked if we wanted to over for pflaumenkuche. She made this with her victorias. The recipe is a German one from my sister who, handily enough, lives in Germany. It is very nice. So all three of us sat there eating huge amounts of pastry and plums (again recipe to follow) and watching the Queen in Uganda. As you do. The Head Gardener spent quite a lot of time reading one of the octogenarian mother's cookery books. It had a fairly comprehensive index of all types of food including things such as tripe and brains which he took great delight in. If he had one at home he would never go out! Unfortunately no photos at the moment since they are all on my camera which is at the octogenarian mother's house. Oh well. I think the Head Gardener is getting fed up with me constantly photographing our dinners because it delays the start time!

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