Monday, 3 August 2009

So sorry I have not updated this for such a long time. There has been a massive amount of progress since the last time. The head gardener is justifiably proud of all his work. So far we have had three types of lettuce, potato, beetroot - fab borsht recipe also done by head gardener - runner beans and peas. The onions are coming on. We will have to lift the rest of the potatoes soon because the weather has been very damp and they may get blight. We also have at least one pumpkin, carrots and parsnips and tomatoes! Huzzah! The head gardener went there yesterday. I was otherwise occupied. He returned five hours later having lost track of time completely. He had been doing manly banging and sawing and things. One of the beetroots that he came down with was the size of a football. I was so impressed!

My octogenarian mother, who recently celebrated another birthday, now never has to pay for vegetables. Which is brill. Now she is away to Canada to see the Llamas of Ariss. In fact come to think of it she may be visiting her aunt as well when she is there. Although maybe not after last year.

The head gardener has now got an official allotment flask as well which is great.

I still think he should have pin ups from "Girls and Sheds Magazine" in the shed but unfortunately nobody has actually published the magazine yet so we just have a poster on butterflies and moths.

I am trying to persuade the head gardener to take part in the open day on saturday but he is very shy.

So there yare now.

Hours spent - FIVE!!!!!!

Activities - pulling up beetroots, weeding, swearing (probably), weeding, digging up spuds, weeding, havesting peas, weeding, manly banging and sawing and then some weeding.

cost of seeds - no idea

value of produce - approximately £3.00 -

socialising - with the boys from conlig behind!

so for dinner we had roast chicken with potatoes and peas from the allotment! So there.

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